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New Blog Name/URL

Hey, I’m currently making this blog into a new one since none of us (blog admins) really post about Fantage, and this is, well, a Fantage blog. But I realized I couldn’t change the blog address (I guess the creator of the blog has only control over that) so I just made new blog like a few seconds ago and am going to export the contents of this blog into that one.

The new blog link is:

(Honestly, I think it’s a weird blog name but it was the first thing that came to mind)


What Is Going On

Haven’t posted on here for like two months! 😮 So sorry for not posting, but I have quit Fantage, and barely go on. Plus, I don’t feel as if it is right to post anything other than Fantage on a Fantage blog, if that makes sense?

This blog has just been lying there in the blogs I work on, and I feel like making something new with this blog. Moonlightinthesea has unfortunately quit for I think, the final time, and has left this blog to the other Admins of this blog. So I was thinking maybe changing this Fantage blog into a lifestyle one. I’m just really done with Fantage, and I don’t want this blog to go to waste since it was doing pretty well.

If the other Admins (Jadeallstar and BruhIt’sAmber) have any disagreements/suggestions, then please notify me. If not, I’ll be making this blog into a brand new one, with a different URL and purpose, once school is over for me.

What do you guys think about this idea?



Ok guys who am I kidding…

I think I been avoiding this for far too long.. I think I’m just going to quit blogging. Sure I just came back and it was like hey whats up kinda thing (It felt pretty nice). However, I think its time for me to move on. So guys who knows, even if I have quit I might still socialize with you guys and I might also just even create posts now and then. But for now, I have to say… I quit blogging…


P.S. Please don’t try to convince me out of this, this is for the better. I need to do what feels right to me.

One Lovely Blog Award


Hey guys! Sorry I’m so late with this! First of all, thank you for nominating me BOLTIE CRYSTAL BLOSSOM. Here are their blog links (I suggest you follow them)

1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog. (check)
2. List the rules and display the award.
3. Add 7 facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 other bloggers.
5. Leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know they have been nominated.

Wow I suck with about me stuff but here goes nothing…

7 Facts About Me:

  1. I am weird (like extremely), funny to people (no idea how), pretty shy and awkward, and etc etc…
  2. I love art and music but at the same time I starting to like science and cooking (so really I have no idea what am I going to do when I grow up)
  3. I am TERRIBLE with favoritism and making decisions (that explains why I suck at this)
  4. I have 1 sibling
  5. I love Indian food, ice cream , pizza, and MANGOS!!!
  6.  I forgot to mention this but I am extremely lazy (I think you will see an example of my laziness soon).
  7. I basically moved 6-7 times already and I have 2 more to go (not counting college and all that stuff)


Well on this rule, I’ll be a rebel!!! I’m so bad, feeling thrill right here…

Anyway, anyone reading this is a nominee so you can do it if you want or not, really it’s all up to you! 😉



Late April Fools story

Ok so all of you who hate or love or just don’t care about April Fools. Here is a short story of how it all started (I’m only writing whatever I know, its not a lot).

April Fools back in the day used to the “New Year’s”. On this day, people would give fish as a present (People who don’t know this, in France, April Fool’s is actually Fish April I think).Later on, January, February, and March were added so January 1st became the new “New Year’s”. Then, people were like, oh let’s not give fish anymore, how about tiny little gifts such as chocolate? And that’s how it came to be. Sorry I wasn’t so informational.

P.S. the main reason I wrote this is to ask, is anyone else unable to see their notifications? If you know how to solve it, please help!


What Fantage Hair Matches You The Most Tag

Fluffypuffpuff nominated me for this tag. 🙂


  • Go through your Fantage inventory to look for what Fantage hair best matches your real life hair.
  • The hair you choose doesn’t have to be the same colour as your real hair, just the same type. (I really want to find the same colour. D:)
  • Share the rules on your post.
  • Can be more than one hair.
  • Tag at least one person

The Hairs That Are Most Like Mine

(My stupid laptop won’t load Fantage at the moment, so I’ll just use a base and hairs from hair packs and edit).

Hair Loose Free:

Hair when it’s a bit wavy at times ↓

Talk 1

(BTW I recoloured the eyes to make it looks more like me)

Hair when it’s straight without the braid ↓

Talk 1

Hair In Updos:

Hair in a bun ↓


Hair in a ponytail ↓

Talk 1

Hair in another ponytail ↓

Talk 1

Yep that’s about it. 😛

I nominate… whoever wants to do this. Too lazy to nominate LOL.




Anyone sleep deprived?

I seriously hate hate HATE school sometimes. I been getting so much work lately that I could barely sleep for the past 3 weeks. Also, to add onto that I had exams! What joy! Why would you give a ton of projects and homework when people are trying to study for their exams, their lives do not just revolve around you! When will schools/ teachers understand… Comment below your school frustration stories or however you feel right now so we can start a school therapy group.

-officially brain dead